• UCLA Section Chair in Orthodontics for 16 years
  • Inventor of 30 patents
  • Secured more than $25M in NIH and industry-related grants
  • Increased recruitment of diverse faculty and residents
  • Team leader for NASA NELL-1 research
  • Managed project involving 150 researchers
  • ISS Innovation Award for Biology and Medicine

  • NASA team included 15 researchers and 6 professors from UCLA
  • Three different graduate schools (Dentistry, Medicine and Engineering) contributed
  • Featured in UCLA Centennial Campaign as important achievement

  • International Orthodontics Foundation (
  • One of the largest non-profit oral health foundations
  • Over 11000 members from over 110 countries
  • Provide global orthodontic education and research funding without boundary

Testimonials from Former UCLA Residents

Dr. Ting was one of the reasons why I applied for the UCLA Orthodontics program.” – Zach Hollander, Class of ‘21

Dr. Ting’s accomplishments were well known, and I felt I could get advanced training.” – Ariel Chen, Class of ‘22

Dr. Ting brought a lot of value to the program.” – Catherine Ding, Class of ‘22

I feel really grateful that Dr. Ting was my mentor.” – Justine Tanjaya, Class of ‘19